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P.O. Box 5108
Jackson, MS 39296-5108
6311 Ridgewood Road, Suite E-401
Jackson, MS 39211

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Job Opportunities

We are a rapidly growing, nation-wide company, and we are always looking for hard-working, motivated people to add to our talented staff. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in being considered to join our team, please visit SCU's Talent Gateway


Payment Information

To send payment through the mail:
PO Box 95236
Grapevine, TX

To send payment via overnight delivery::
BB&T Lockbox # 95236
3330 West Royal Lane
Irving, TX 75063-6013

For wiring instructions or refund requests, please see Agency Service contact information.

Agency Service Contact Information:

Agencies with Names Beginning with





Backup Coverage


Sandra Poe


David Shaw

A - Ai

Gail Bruce



Maryann Rimkus


Carolyn Thompson

Excluding AJG


Patrick Taylor

B Arnita Gray Excluding BB&T 770-813-7745 Toni Murray
C - CN David Shaw   321-421-6941 Sandra Poe
CO - CZ Holly Campbell Excluding Inter-Co 205-414-2343 Heidi Aycock
D Lynn Lorruso   321-421-6929 Jessica Phillips
E Lynn Lorusso   321-421-6929 Jessica Phillips
F Lynn Lorusso   321-421-6929 Jessica Phillips
G Marilyn Walker   205-414-2205 Jennifer Russell
H Jessica Phillips   770-813-6273 Lynn Lorusso
I Maryann Rimkus Excluding IBAW EQ Program 321-421-6769 Gail Bruce
J Holly Campbell   205-414-2343 Heidi Aycock
K Patrick Taylor   321-421-6909 David Jackson
L Gail Bruce   770-813-6297 Maryann Rimkus
M Patrick Taylor Excluding McGriff 321-421-6909 David Jackson
N Gail Bruce   770-813-6297 Maryann Rimkus
O Holly Campbell   205-414-2343 Heidi Aycock
P Jennifer Russell   205-414-2305 Marilyn Walker
Q Holly Campbell   205-414-2343 Heidi Aycock
R Toni Murray   770-813-7753 Arnita Gray
S Sandra Poe   205-414-2294 David Shaw
T Toni Murray   770-813-7753 Arnita Gray
U Marilyn Walker   205-414-2205 Jennifer Russell
V Sandra Poe   205-414-2294 David Shaw
W David Shaw   321-421-6941 Sandra Poe
X Sandra Poe   205-414-2294 David Shaw
Y Sandra Poe   205-414-2294 David Shaw
Z Sandra Poe   205-414-2294 David Shaw
APIA Maryann Rimkus   321-421-6769  
BBT Toni Murray   205-414-2205  
Inter-Co Jennifer Russell CRC, CRC Swett, SCU, 5Star Co-Brokered 205-414-2305  
ETHOS Marci Shaffer   770-813-6262  
IBAW Marci Shaffer   770-813-6262  
Blades Marci Shaffer   770-813-6262  
McGriff Marilyn Walker   205-414-2205  
Negley Heidi Aycock   205-414-2421  
Target Heidi Aycock   205-414-2421  
WKF&C Marilyn Walker   205-414-2205  
Partners Jennifer Russell   205-414-2305  
Manager Paul Inman 5STAR 321-421-6723  
# & A-F Kimberly Fetterly 5STAR 321-421-6796  
G-L Paul Inman 5STAR 321-414-6723  
M-Z Donna Haupt 5STAR 321-421-6764  
All Alpha Paul Inman Hanleigh 321-421-6723  

For finance company refunds and questions email

For direct bill commission inquiries contact:
Autumn Dorr
Phone: (205) 414-2451


Download Claims Contacts

SCU's' claims department closely monitors claims with our carriers and retail agents to ensure the client receives the best possible service after a loss. SCU offers an exceptional “value added” service to assist our agents in offering “a total insurance package” to their insureds.

Numerous carriers provide claims paying authority to our claims department. SCU can often provide the ability to settle minor claims quickly and efficiently, and to be a professional advocate for the insured in the event of losses. SCU has contracted with a dependable Third Party Administrator for efficient claims handling and also set up substantial domestic trust funds for speedy efficient claims payment once a proof of loss is submitted.

The claims staff has more than 40 years combined experience and handles over 30,000 claims per year.

Specific Advantages Include:

  • Staff dedicated to handling claims only
  • Quick reporting and service
  • Local claims service by each office
  • Training seminars and resource materials
  • Claim summary – monthly basis
  • Claim reviews
  • Relationship with carriers that allows us leverage, advocacy
  • Work with client throughout entire claims experience

Loss Notices

Please forward a completed ACORD Loss Notice immediately to our claims department via E-mail. If you are not able to email, you can send a fax. Include as much detail as possible regarding the loss, the name/phone number of Insured's contact (don't forget area code), and the name/phone number of a local contact at the property location. Please specify any special handling required or requested.

ACH-Direct Deposit

We are beginning to transistion all payments to ACH-Direct Deposit instead of paper checks. Our goal is to simplify our payment process while accelerating your cash flow. We have partnered with Sunguard AvantGard Payment Services to offer electronic payments to you. The benefits of direct deposit payments are:

  • Prompt Settlements - A deposit is made directly to your bank account
  • Improved Controls - No lost or stolen checks
  • Detailed Remittance Information - Listing all invoices paid

Please Follow the Steps below to ENROLL TODAY!

If you previously received a letter with your individual registration code:

  • Go to:
  • Click "Subscribe" to create your account.
  • Enter your Registration Code
  • Verify your information and create your online account
  • Enter your bank information exactly as it appears on your banking documents
  • Wait 24-48 hours, two small penny deposits will be made to your bank account
  • Return to your online PayNetExchange account and enter the two deposit amounts

You are now ready to receive direct deposit payments!

If you need assistance with sign-up after receiving an invitation, please contact the PayNetExchange Support Team at (877) 330-4950 or

If you have not yet received an invitation to sign-up for this service, and would like to do so immediately, please give us a call at 205-414-2302 with your request or send an email to with your information. Accounting will assist with expediting your Direct Deposit request.

For all other questions, please contact us at

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